St. John to Jost Van Dyke Ferry Operations to Resume This Month!

St. John to Jost Van Dyke Ferry Operations to Resume This Month!

Good Morning Good Morning!  I am returning to work this morning rested and refreshed (Thanks for covering me Jenn! :)) after doing a little island hopping with my family on a beautiful catamaran, Vita, over this past weekend.  We had a lovely weekend on St. Croix and I’m very excited to tell you all about our day on the largest of the US Virgin Islands later this week.  But, while I was gone, some very exciting news popped up in regards to another type of island hopping that we have all been missing a TON!

There have been some interesting Facebook posts from Interisland Boat Services over the past few weeks in regards to resuming the ferry service between Jost Van Dyke and St. John!  And, from what I am reading, it sounds like these ferry rides, perfect for a day at the beach with lunch and drinks at Foxy’s, Soggy Dollar Bar, One Love or Corsairs, could be happening as soon as next week!

I am awaiting a response from the provider in regards to more details on the upcoming ferry service, which will operate between Crown Bay, Cruz Bay and Jost van Dyke.  According to the comments on the posts from Inter Island Boast Services, the service could start as soon as February 15 or slightly thereafter.  But, you know how island time works and the official “soon come” announcement says late February.  So, don’t go grabbing your passport and sprinting towards the dock quite yet 🙂

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What I also know at this point is that passengers for day trips will need to be fully vaccinated and provide a negative COVID-19 test within 48 hours of the day abroad.  This means that local testing will likely need to be done for anyone wishing to head over to Jost for the day.  The ferry company said that they are working with local providers to offer testing options which is why they are waiting to officially announce the start date of the services.

St. John to Jost Van Dyke Ferry Operations to Resume This Month! 2

Cost, customs fees, clearance back into the USVI, etc. have all NOT been released yet.  But, I’m watching this one closely and will update you as soon as there is an official word on all of this.  Currently, private commercial day trips into the BVI are STILL not permitted and there has been no information released anywhere as it pertains to this as of today.  But, once again, we are taking steps in the right direction and I’ll surely be getting on that ferry in the first few weeks of operation to go over and say hello to our friends for an afternoon!

Oh, and FYI- the Inter Island Boat Services Ferry is the one that operates twice daily and four times a day on the weekends between Crown Bay and Cruz Bay.  It is not the Varlack Ventures Ferry between Cruz Bay and downtown (Charlotte Amalie).  There apparently has been some confusion about that.  Here are the schedules for each of those people ferry services between Cruz Bay and St. Thomas.

Inter Island Boat Services operates between the gated area across from the Lumberyard in Cruz Bay and Crown Bay Marina.  Tickets for this service may be purchased online here.

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The Varlack Ventures Ferry service operates between the main ferry terminal in Cruz Bay and downtown Charlotte Amalie.  This is the same company that operates the hourly ferry service between Cruz Bay and Red Hook.  Tickets for both of these ferry services may be purchased online here.

St. John to Jost Van Dyke Ferry Operations to Resume This Month! 4

Also, a casual reminder that masks are still required in public spaces in the USVI and that includes on the taxis and ferries and in their corresponding terminals.  Thank you, in advance, for your cooperation and for following along on these updates.  I’ll be looking forward to sharing more Jost van Dyke ferry updates with you all very soon!

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  1. Would love to take a day trip but can’t see getting tested again when we got tested 72 hours before arriving on the island. Some day….

  2. This is going to be complicated. Do you think you will need to test to come back to the USVI too? I looked and you don’t have to test if traveling by boat, but when you fly home, won’t you need to declare that you have been to the BVI and then maybe testing will be required? It’s kinda ambiguous. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/travelers/testing-international-air-travelers.html

    I think I’ll avoid the hassle until it is less complicated, but sure would like to visit the BVI!

  3. So I’ll be staying at Gallows Point in a Week or so and my sons girlfriend is currently training for the Boston Marathon! I’m looking for running resources to help her find a good and SAFE running route to rack up some miles… I’m sooo grateful for any info u may have! LOVE, LOVE, what u do; thanks soo much for the great info u share with us❤️

    • Hi Margot, we are coming in a week and I am currently training for the Brooklyn Marathon- which is the weekend after Boston. I have also been looking for good safe runs- so far I found some good resources with suggestions for runs on Strava and map my run. Most of the runs are a mix of trails and roads. I hope this helps! Best of luck to her and who knows- if she is an early morning runner- we may cross paths!

  4. lol bvi’s are still clueless. By now, if the public doesn’t realize being vaccinated doesn’t mean a thing in regards to getting this “omicron cold” or even passing it along, there is simply no hope for them. My gosh, if you have a headache, chills, and a tingly throat, just don’t go. Lift the ridiculous testing/masking, vax rules and get on with life.

  5. The real story is why BVI residents come and go from St Thomas and St John every day without checking in or out. The BVI’s have made it either next to impossible, overly complicated or very costly. Yet, the USVI’s have ignored for years that BVI residents come and go to the St John and St Thomas without checking in being held accountable. This is a story that deserves attention.

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