St. Johnian’s jet an issue in US campaigns

HouseSt. John resident Donald Sussman's wealth has become an issue in the mainland's Congressional campaigns.

According to news reports, Rep. Chellie Pingree (D.-ME.) and Rep. Barney Frank (D.-MA.) have been guests aboard Sussman's $25 million jet, flying from New England to the Virgin Islands. 

Sussman, a resident at least 10 years and manager of a hedge fund, has been a benefactor of numerous island causes and activities, including the Myra Keating Clinic's new telemedicine facilities. Besides an estate on Great Cruz Bay, he also has a home in Maine. 

In the Pine Tree state, Sussman met Pingree, a first-term Representative.  She describes him as her fiance.

Both Pingree and Frank have been criticized for flying aboard Sussman's plane and spending time at his St. John house, pictured at left by TruthonTarget.  However, they say the House ethics committee has no objections to their accepting the flights because Sussman is 'family' to Pingree, and Frank's flight was free of conflict because he is a friend of Pingree and it is she who gave him the transportation. (Members are allowed to accept gifts from other Members.)

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  1. Nice pad for sure. Sitting in it right now. It’s good to be the king. 🙂 Actually, I can assure you this home is not Mr. Sussman’s.

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