St. John, rich man’s resort?

Craig Barshinger, the one-term Senator At Large form St. John,  worries that the recent property revaluation process will spark a wave of real estate sales and an exodus by some of the island’s longtime residents.

He worries that people on fixed incomes will be taxed out of their homes.   "How?  If they had the ‘misfortune’ of having a hotel or mansion built next to them.  Or if they have lived on the beach for donkey years," he said in a letter to the St. John Source. "Any of these (and other) factors will cause the assessed value to be so high, that the owner will receive a tax bill five to 10 times higher."

They may not be able to afford the taxes, "but they can sell out for millions of dollars and move to Boca Raton," Barshinger wrote.  "The culture will be obliterated, but ex-pat St. Johnians will have money in their pocket.  Is this the kind of Virgin Islands we want?"

5 thoughts on “St. John, rich man’s resort?”

  1. Very, very good point! I spoke with a life long resident who was extremely worried about how he will pay his taxes. He feels St. John is his home, and he should be able to continue to live here… Both he, and his wife work full time. They are each individuals and citizens I would be thrilled to have as neighbors. As a member of the St. John Coalition, I certainly hope our steering committee will decide to attempt to facilitate a change in what is happening with the tax situation.

  2. The new proposed tax evaluation,will cause major impact on the St John economy,ie, Bank forclosures,future building startups,land sales,enployment, and create chaos in general for all residents and visitors alike. I further belive that only a law suit on a case of
    unconstitutional tax discrimiation would stop this action of the V I goverment.What could the Governor be thinking?

  3. I have been thinking about this for a very long time. Perhaps it’s time to grandfather these property taxes based on income and stop allowing the super dudes to take over. Are they carpetbaggers? Karma – remember – all the money in the world can not stop the wrath of the pay back. For those who can truly call St. John their home and for the folks who have worked hard all their life and purchased a home early on should hold mansion keepers at bay. Who permits this building any way? Is it a matter of time before they buy “The Park” politics permitting????? An absurd statement perhaps – but just look at what we have allowed to happen! I am not sure where to draw the line nor do I have the answers but the super rich takeovers need to stop.
    Too much development is also causing (in part) an assault on the coral reefs known as bleaching. It is happening all over the world. Rising temps, overfishing and silt smothering are far too many assaults on the reefs a major draw of this island and many others one might add. We just can’t have it both ways. Keep opposing new development and get involved!
    Mary E. Taeger (a guest of St. John for several years)

  4. We’ve been to St. John 3 times, first in 1994, when we stayed there and got married on St. Thomas (wished it’d been St. John). Not being rich folks, it has been our ultimate dream vacation destination where for our money we were guaranteed a great vacation. But we’ve already noticed a big change on the island and should it continue would consider spending our money elsewhere. The beaches and park are a big draw for us, but what made it truly special were the locals! I will always remember Lucy, the taxi driver, with her own floral decorations on the front grill of her truck. She made me sit in front when she carried me to the dock on route to St. Thomas for our wedding 🙂

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