St. John Receives Some Napa Love

Lameshur window April 2019
Lameshur, April 2019

I received an email from a reader named Kelly over the weekend. She said she lived in Napa Valley and wanted to schedule a tour with me for yesterday afternoon. Kelly and her husband Bob own Robert Foley Vineyards, and the couple recently did something incredible for the island.

Like many of you, Kelly and Bob were devastated when they watched the hurricanes rip through the island back in 2017. And like many of you they, they wanted to do something about it. So they did what they do best. The Foleys created a special wine, a Hawksbill Rosé, and decided to donate all of its after-tax proceeds to St. John and Puerto Rico.

Hawksbilll Wine

The wine was launched in February 2018. By February 2019, it had sold out.

So yesterday’s island tour was different than most. Rather than doing some sightseeing, and checking out the beaches and ruins like I typically would do, we went around the island and spread some love. Our first stop was the Animal Care Center. Kelly and Bob, along with Kelly’s brother Brian, donated $5,000 to the organization after giving some snuggles to the animals of course.

Our next stop was Island Health and Wellness. The group donated $10,000 to the organization. We then visited Gifft Hill. They donated another $10,000 to the school. Honestly, I was blown away.

Brian, Asya Simons of the ACC, Kelly and Bob.
Brian, Asya Simons of the ACC, Kelly and Bob.
Brian, Kelly, Sandy Colasacco of Island Health, and Bob
Brian, Kelly and Bob pose with Sandy Colasacco, Executive Director of Island Health.
Brian, Kelly and Bob pose with Paula and Kristen of Gifft Hill's
Brian, Kelly and Bob pose with Paula Smail and Kristen Robinson of Gifft Hill and students Lily Porter and Chenijah Dawson.

People repeatedly ask me how St. John is doing post-hurricane, and my answer is always the same: pretty darn good. And the reason for that is twofold: 1. We have an extremely resilient community who worked so hard to put this place back together. And 2. Private money from private people who love this place.

By now you all know that Kenny Chesney has supported this island tremendously, as has Tom Secunda, one of the co-founders of Bloomberg. But we also have people like the Foleys. And we have people like yourselves who donated to many of the nonprofit organizations that are helping to repair and rebuild this island. That is why St. John is doing so well. It’s because collectively we all had a hand in bringing St. John back to life. And for that, I thank you all.

There is a lot of negatively on the internet these days. We’re going to continue to spread the love here at News of  St. John. Have a great day everyone.

10 thoughts on “St. John Receives Some Napa Love”

  1. What a great story and great people. Was just commenting to someone this morning that it seems whether it’s the nightly news or even ESPN, stories seem to focus on the negativity and all that is wrong, when there is so much ‘right’ out there. Thanks Jenn and thank you to wonderful people like Kelly & Bob!

  2. What wonderful people. God Bless them! Such nice news to hear. Thanks for the good news, Jenn, and the pictures of everyone. What fun for you to meet them and hang out. I think I want your job!

  3. What a heartwarming story. There are truly some wonderful people out there. Thanks for sharing Jenn and a huge thank you to Kelly and Bob!

  4. What a great story. Thank them for their gifts.

    Our favorite place, since our very first visit, then our wedding and many more trips including since the hurricane. Always wonderful 🙂

  5. What a wonderful thing to do. I was born and raised in Napa and know about Foley Vineyards, but didn’t know the connection between the wine and St John. Bless them for helping everyones favorite island – St John!

  6. Our group of friends have been coming to the islands for 20+ years. The people are kind and strong. They have a beautiful island that has struggled after the twisted sisters. The donations have been unbelievable, and progress is being made all the time. Thank you for your generosity. You’ve certainly shown love to Love City.

  7. Wow! I just returned from the Santa Barbara area wine country and didn’t realize that the wine community is full of do-gooders who help others and share their passion to help causes they believe in.
    Thank you to them for creating the a special wine and for donating proceeds to a cause very near and dear to our hearts. It must have been their best trip ever to the islands!!!
    Congratulations to all and thank you!

  8. We visited Bob and Kelly at their winery here in Napa, a terrific vineyard, wine tasting, and remembrances of STJ. As special a place as St. John!

  9. Bob and Kelly are great friends and fabulous winemakers with the biggest hearts!Cheers to them and St. John’s!

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