St. John Podcast: Shelley, the live trip blogger

Shelley Shelley McLennan
didn’t see a whale during her visit to St. John last week, but she sure
saw and and did a lot of other stuff.  And it’s all there for you to
see, too, on her Island Girl blog.

the person I’ve named the Greatest Trip report writer.  She doesn’t
wait ‘til she’s back home in Canada to chronicle her latest visit. 
Rather she does it while she’s living it, almost ‘live blogging’ the
vacation.  Husband Rob is cool, understanding that even after a night at Woody’s, Shelley may still go to the laptop and upload photos and write commentary about the day's events.

I’ve gotten to know Shelley and Rob over the past eight months.  They were staying at Blue Tang, our villa, when heavy weather came up last fall.  We got into e-mail contact then and have continued. 

When I saw Shelly’s Trip Reports on line, I had to know more.  And so in this week’s St. John Podcast,
I talked about her love affair with the island (five visits, so far),
how she plans her daily adventures, and what it’s like to take as many
as 500 photos a day with a Nikon 700 camera.

Shelley's blog is at islandgirl.typepad.com

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Dozens of previous podcasts are available in the archive at http://barnako.typepad.com/news_of_st_john_usvi/podcasts/

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