St. John not ‘bizarre’ enough for cable show

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Andrew Zimmerman
is the guy you see on the Travel Channel eating the most awful things. He’s tasted (enjoyed?) baked muskrat in Baltimore, deep fried piglet testicles on a hog farm in Iowa, and fermented fish eggs on an island in Alaska. 

And since he was a boy, he’s spent some time on St. John. Zimmerman told the St. John Source that he used to visit St. John, with his mother, a lot.  Every few years, they’d rent a villa for a vacation.

“There is a great park, a couple of fantastic hotels and restaurants. Cruz Bay is a great little town. But,” he said, “I wouldn't call it a hot bed of indigenous or local cultures, right?” 

That’s why he really likes St. Croix.  Its economy is not dependent on tourists or catering to their mainland tastes.  St. Croix’s culture stands and has not been deemphasized.

“I do not want to come to the islands for a half-baked version of French or Italian food,” he told the Source.  “You see it on every island.  There is no island that is immune to that disease.”

What does Zimmerman like about St. Croix? Reef fish, rotis, pates, produce, and bull foot soup.

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