St. John: New sushi place

Zero sushiu

Happy Fish is dead.  Long live Zero Sushi, opening soon on the second floor of the Marketplace in Cruz Bay.

The guys behind La Plancha del Mar are the owners.  They signed a lease Tuesday to occupy the space which went vacant last month. Opening day is expected next month

It's a return to the Marketplace for La Plancha's owners. They got their start there with their first St. John eatery in a small space down a hallway.

Interesting that the center's landlords are doing  business with them again. Successful restaurant operators are tough to find and the Marketplace has had its share of challenged business tenants. Could be the Marketplace made the guys an offer they couldn't refuse, in a good way.

14 thoughts on “St. John: New sushi place”

  1. I guess we underestimated the negative effect of the name. Re-thinking it as we speak! One of my favorite sushi restaurants of all time is called kamikaze in san fran. Apologies if anyone was considerably offended. I like the suggestion about the name Tomo. Thats what I remember most about the stories I heard at the VFW with my grandpa when I was a kid. Some even went to Okinawa every year for reunions with the very men the fought!

  2. CTP-Long Island, NY
    I agree. CHANGE THE NAME. It is offensive to those who served our country.
    Love Sushi, but the name has to Go or, I don’t Go.

  3. Lol, as the daughter of a WW2 veteran, and step mom to a Green Beret & Ranger…the ones that serve usually could care less about this sort of stuff. So glad a sushi bar is coming back.

  4. Agree on name and sign; sign looks like it is an arcade game and name, customers, may think it is a score on quality. Many things in the Japanese culture to celebrate.

  5. Rethinking the sign is much needed….this is kinda like opening a Soul Food eatery with a confederate flag waving as a sign!

  6. Yes, please have no sign and no name; that way, you’ll offend no one. Oh, and don’t serve sushi, since that offends me as a vegetarian. And don’t charge for the food– don’t want to offend any communists.
    Seriously, who is it that would be offended?

  7. I don’t follow– Confederates didn’t invent “Soul Food.” The Japanese invented sushi. So, using your analogy, the Zero Sushi emblem would be like opening a “Soul Food” restaurant and using the African Diaspora flag (or maybe the Black Panther flag?). Or opening a Mexican restaurant and featuring a Mexican flag.

  8. As long as the SUSHI is good & fresh and the SAKI ice cold – I don’t what you call it…its your restaurant – Really people? Best of luck guys!

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