St. John music video on YouTube

Eslpeth_rose The island's multimedia guru, Steve Simonsen, has completed production on a music video featuring the work of a London-based rock group. Elspeth Rose, lead singer for The Awe Kids, asked him to produce the video.

"Elspeth contacted me through Facebook months before her trip," Simonsen said. "She asked if I would help her create a music video."

Her parents and brothers live on St. John. Her mother, Helen Lalich, is an artist (www.heleneltis.com).

The Awe Kids were founded just about a year ago. Within a few weeks, they were playing clubs and heard on the radio.

"Just in it for the Music" is their motto.  All their music  is produced by 19-year-old James Rockhill who also plays keyboards. They are touring the UK now.

2 thoughts on “St. John music video on YouTube”

  1. Hey…. thanks for writing about this. It was a real pleasure working with Steve and i am really pleased with the movie we created. I hope to have the opportunity to work with him again before too long.
    My mother is called Helen Lalich and her artist name is Eltis: http://www.heleneltis.com
    thanks again.
    missing St John,
    Elspeth Rose

  2. Hi,
    Thank you so much fro posting this up last year, it was a huge help in getting my music out! I have been back on St John for a few weeks visiting my family and I have made 2 more music videos!
    1. At the Playground in Cruz bay which I filmed and edited myself:
    2. At Maho Bay, with St John photographer Matt Horvat filming & directing and which i edited!
    It would be really cool you if wanted to write another blog entry on these, if you have any question please don’t hesitate to email me!
    The Awe Kids

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