St. John Makes Yet Another Appearance on TV Tonight

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erik samanthaYou know you live in a pretty amazing spot on earth when the Travel Channel and HGTV consistently feature your little slice of heaven in their programming. As you may know, the Travel Channel was in town earlier this month to film a program on St. John Brewers and Angel’s Rest. Well tonight will be no different, as HGTV will feature a familiar island couple in one of its popular programs.

Tonight’s showCaribbean Life on HGTV – will feature the owners of Sam & Jack’s, the delicious deli over at The Marketplace. Caribbean Life will chronicle Samantha and Erik’s dream of moving from New England to the Caribbean. Here’s a bit of their story straight from their website:

“Founded in 2011, the goal of Sam & Jack’s Deli has always been to provide a fresh, gourmet affordable dining option for local St. John residents and tourists alike. What began with simple sandwiches has grown to include a full menu of gourmet comfort food, grab and go dinners, house-made desserts, a large catering menu and private chef services.

“Leaving the New England winters behind for good, owners Erik and Samantha purchased the deli in 2013 as part of a larger effort to simplify life. Although their backgrounds are in the corporate world (Erik was a civil engineer for a boutique firm in Portsmouth, NH and Samantha was a commercial real estate paralegal with a large firm based in Boston), their passion has always been food, wine and travel.”

The episode will premier tonight, March 22, at 9:30 p.m. EST on HGTV. It will replay tomorrow, March 23, at 12:30 a.m. EST and again on Thursday, April 2, at 5:30 p.m. EST.

7 thoughts on “St. John Makes Yet Another Appearance on TV Tonight”

  1. I shall look forward to watching the Sam&Jack’s feature on HGTV. I live in New York City, but when I spent an extended period on St. John, I
    found that this deli as good as any back home. The food was always fresh and of course delicious and the service excellent. The owner was always gracious.

  2. We absolutely love Sam & Jacks ! We spend four weeks a year on STJ and rely on the for homemade pasta and sauce, awesome sandwiches and ready to go meals … And occasionally, we succumb to the desserts ! Definitely our go to place !

  3. That episode was really excellent, and presented St. John in a very positive and accurate way. That said, I’m sure we all have had our “where the hell is that?” filters turned up; no monkeys in the trees this time, but unless there has been a surprising amount of activity (seismic and otherwise) since we were there in January, a few stock footage bits found their way in: piton-like mountains, a new marina, and unknown beachfront resorts. Still, for someone who has yet to visit St. John, the impression that the writers, Erik, and Samantha gave was a really good one.

    All the best,


  4. Kevin, I agree on all fronts. It was a great episode that portrayed the island well. I too commented to my wife a few times “that shot was definitely not from St. John.”

  5. So, I guess the wind surfing crowd will now flock to St. John, only to be disappointed that it isn’t a good place to wind surf. I enjoy this show but hate it when they use stock footage from another location – so misleading.

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