St. John Fans Gather for a Great Cause

Josh Vernon
Josh Vernon

Things like this really make us happy…

As we mentioned about a month or so back, Josh Vernon and Megan Whiteside decided that they wanted to help the Animal Care Center so they started to put together a fundraiser near their home in Massachusetts. They asked businesses on island to donate some goods, gift certificates and more, and invited people who love the island of St. John, who happened to live in the Boston area, to attend.

The event was held his past Sunday, and we were floored when we heard how much they raised. According to Josh, about 30 people came and bid on 55 raffle items. They also had a 50/50 raffle. In total, more than $6,100 was raised for the ACC. How wonderful is that?! And even better, there is a huge box of supplies being sent down to the ACC.


So a big thanks goes out to Josh, Megan and all of the St. John fans up in Massachusetts who came out and supported the ACC. Well done.


6 thoughts on “St. John Fans Gather for a Great Cause”

  1. My wife and I were at the event on Sunday. It was a fantastic event and the entire group decided that this was the first annual event we will hold. We would also like to challenge other regions of the US to do the same. The outpouring of support was awesome and I’m sure other regions would have the same response because everyone loves St. John’s and the work Ryan and everyone involved with the ACC do.

  2. This was a real great job what Josh did, also that the response from the people who bid and bought the items . We need to do things like this more often. I am glad to be part of the group but unfortunately did not win any items.

  3. My husband and I are from PA and spent last week in St John (our favorite place, might I add). As usual, we popped into ACC to walk the dogs. The place looks great! Ryan, his staff, and the volunteers are doing a superb job making sure that the island’s furry friends have a comfortable safe haven! Ryan mentioned Josh and Megan’s fundraiser while we were chatting with him – really amazing event. It’s this kind of support that helps ACC provide for the St. John community. PS – if you are going to St John, stop in and say hello to Charlie – I couldn’t stop taking pics of him. Cutest little guy.

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