St. John: Island thoughts for Friday

Barge Cash or checks only, please, on the car barge.

Banana Deck – a nice casual restaurant.  But nobody calls it one of the best. Also real frustrating when it comes to 'Check, please,' for 16 people.  They refused to do separate tabs. Too much math.

Looking forward to La Plancha del Mar with friends Saturday night.

Island was rockin' Wednesday.  Thursday afternoon, Cruz Bay seemed real, real quiet.

The National Park old the annual Friends meeting it is looking for a new concessionaire to handle food and services at Cinnamon and Trunk Bays.  The Park wants improvements at Cinnamon and some upgrades to food and the souvenier shop at Trunk.

7 thoughts on “St. John: Island thoughts for Friday”

  1. As a former waitress, I agree with not splitting a 16 person tab. It’s not that difficult for your party to figure it out amongst yourselves. Plus, the tip always goes out the window when the tab is split, as the cheapos figure the others will take care of it. Problem is, they’re all cheapos.
    Have you been to Plancha since they moved? Curious to see how they are doing.

  2. I also completely agree with not splitting the tab for 16 people, as a former server. Agreeing with all of the above. Everyone should work in a restaurant at some point so they understand how to behave.

  3. Nice ambiance for a change in this banana deck restaurant. I totally agree too that splitting the tab for 16 people is too much!I can understand why they will not do that. It is totally time-consuming.

  4. The Bananna Deck is far better than Morgan’s Mango in my opinion…Maybe they are a bit off the beaten track & people tend not to head that way, but, the food & staff have been great when I’ve been there, then head across the street for a few more coctails at the Beach Bar and you have a great night! The food at MM seams like it’s been sitting around. Not once have we enjoyed a meal there & I keep trying…no more~ I too, a former waitress, that’s alot of people to be seperating a tab…I look forward to trying La Plancha on our next visit

  5. Divide the check by 16 and be done with it. DAH!! Next time give them a calculator..and smile.
    If you can’t afford to go out to eat and don’t like the people your dining with…..then you probably should stay at home!!
    a lifetime and professional server..:)

  6. We are VERY glad to hear that there’s a potential change at the Cinnamon Bay Tree Lizard. They don’t open on time, the bar is run poorly and if they can only do something about the food store life at CBC would be so much better. We walk 45 minutes to Maho Bay Campground to shop at their store. Much better selections and prices. We probably won’t see the change come about in our lifetime, though. After all, we’re over 60!

  7. Agree that the food at the Trunk stand is subpar, but our real complaint last week was with the service. The woman who took our order was downright rude and hostile, and for absolutely no reason. It made for an unpleasant experience.

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