St. John is for brides

Bridal Guide
magazine, which calls itself, "The complete resource for engaged women,” is featuring St. John in the January/February issue.  With a circulation of about 200,000  copies, the magazine’s writers spent several days on the island. “Goddess of Love,” the longest article, focuses on a couple enjoying Trunk Bay, according to a report by the St. John SourceJeT’aime Cerge, a local model, is featured in a six-page article about Cruz Bay.

The Department of Tourism apparently spent a hefty, and unannounced, sum to underwrite the magazine’s visit and coverage. Tourism told the Source that for every dollar paid of the Guide’s expenses, it expects to get back $54 in advertising value.  A rate card for the magazine shows four-color pages selling for as much as $36,000.

Speaking of Tourism, the department’s new Web site is up.  The address is http://www.usvitourism.vi/.  It’s pretty, looks professional and contemporary. And the little bit of music that plays when you visit the site is light and pleasant.  The first time.  As you mouse around the site, and come back to the home page to find more material, the music repeats.  Second time, annoying.  Third time, it’s enough to make you turn the volume down on the amateurish home page.

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