St. John is Beautiful: Friis Bay

St. John is Beautiful: Friis Bay 1
Friis Bay, Jan. 14, 2020

Hello everyone and welcome to the middle of the week! As you all know, St. John is beautiful. We love this island, its beauty and its people, so we’ve decided to start something new today. We’re simply calling it “St. John is beautiful.” We plan to feature different aspects of the island that we, personally, find to be beautiful.

Today we’re starting with Friis Bay. Friis Bay is located beyond Coral Bay but before Salt Pond. It’s the bay that Miss Lucy’s is located on. We had guests out there for lunch yesterday during an island tour. I walked out to the point and took this video for all of you. It’s just under a minute long, and I think it will make your Wednesday that much better. Have a wonderful day everyone!

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