St. John in the 1960s: An 8mm Film

Now this is very cool…

We received a message from Tom M. of Massachusetts this morning. Tom mentioned how his father took numerous eight millimeter films when he was a child. A few of them happened to be taken here on St. John. Tom shared a few with us from his very first trip to the island back in 1965 or 1966. We spliced them together for you, and we hope you like them.

For any of you longtime St. Johnians or historians who may be reading, please let us know a bit more about what we’re seeing. Enjoy!

14 thoughts on “St. John in the 1960s: An 8mm Film”

  1. Thanks Captain Doug! Tom just let me know that he misspoke in the email he sent me. I just updated it to reflect the current year. Thanks again!

    • You might be right about Noble Samuel. We also took a hike with him from Cinnamon Bay Campground where we stayed. I will look for more movies and send them along.

  2. The beaches near the end could be overlooking Gibney panning over to Hawknest and Dennis point beach…just a thought. Really cool video of the dock at the beginning too.

  3. After the scene on the dock, you see a busy day in the Creek, panning to a shot up toward where Mongoose is now. Then the center of town, with a hot-dog stand behind the fence, started by a shyster from the States who called himself “Papa Doc”–that’s the corner by Cafe Roma. Joe Lookshin’s business was there for many. many years afterwards. The drug store and Oscar’s were across the street in the big wooden building–you can see the school behind. Then on a boat along the north shore with Noble Samuels, as far as Annaberg. Then the restaurant at Trunk Bay in the former main house of the Boulon’s guest house, with the view over to Jumbie and Perkin’s Cay –it was torn down around 1970. I’d put it as no-earlier than 1966.
    Since those were my formative years, I’m always a bit surprised that it doesn’t look exactly like that anymore!

  4. About 1:25 min. into movie is the former Christ of the Caribbean statue commissioned circa 1953 and damaged beyond repair in Hurricane Marilyn 1995. Also the Susannberg Plantation windmill ruin – which is still standing. All on Peace Hill in Denis Bay area.

  5. In 1971 Oscar James made me breakfast Continenal style ,and Fred’s had the best chicken and rice good old days ,lord the memories ,

  6. nobel and milton samuel both visited my parents in ashland,mass. back when i was about 16 years old.my parents took me and siblings to st. john in 1965.i have lived there since 1974.milton taught me the ways of st.john along with rene and nicky and pa penn.still kickin 2023

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