St. John grocery plans online shopping

If things go according to plan, grocery shopping could get a lot easier for locals and visitors. 

The co-owner of the new St. John Gourmet Market, across the street from the entrance to the Westin Resort, hopes to launch a Web site with online shopping soon.  In a profile article about the business, the St. John Source said Jim Overton, "anticipates visitors heading to their vacation villa … will place their orders via the Internet so they can pick up their already boxed order on their way."

It sounds like Overton, and a partner who also owns Cruz Bay's Dolphin Market, are focused on delivering quality and a broad selection of food.  That includes organic vegetables and milk.  He also plans a deli counter and prepared foods to go, reminiscent of the wonderful deli/market that used to be across the road in Palm Plaza.

The Source story doesn't say the Gourmet Market is competitively priced.  The government's monthly market basket surveys usually give the low price crown to Dolphin.  But the St. John Talk blog says Gourmet's prices are excellent. "Maybe I should keep it to myself, but the produce is really good and approaches Stateside prices," writes Howard.  (Read the post here.)

St. John Gourmet Market is open seven days a week, 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.

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