St. John ferries to start issuing receipts

After decades of lax money handling procedures, ticket sellers for St. John's two ferry companies will begin giving receipts to passengers. 

The giant step to accountability comes along with the installation last week of computerized ticketing by Varlack Ventures and Transportation services.  The system was paid for by the companies at a cost of $100,000, according to the Virgin Islands Daily News report of the ticketing system. (Full story here.)

Sellers will use computer terminals to issue tickets and luggage tags while crew members use a hand-held scanner to check in passengers and track the bags.

S believes the ferry companies' bought the ticketing system as a way of preparing the VI government to be more open to allowing for fare increases and operating subsidies.  For years, the Public Service Commission has complained that the financial records of the ferry operators are confused and unreliable.

The Iguana is amused that computers will be used for ticketing.  Frankly, he doesn't believe the equipment will be operable for very long.  He is reminded of a change of airplanes in San Juan once, on his way to St. Thomas.  "I have a ticket," he showed an agent behind a counter at the terminal.  "It was issued by the computer."  The agent said, "We don't have computers."

Anyone want to bet how long those ticket/luggage tag scanners function?

4 thoughts on “St. John ferries to start issuing receipts”

  1. It’s funny how the scanners won’t function when certain passengers board but they’ll work just fine when others do…. Silly me, I was surprised the first time I saw a bunch of passengers go straight past the ticket collector and onto the boat! No wonder the rest of us have to pay an extra dollar each way now; apparently the right people get to ride for free.

  2. If the ferry companies will clean up their collective accounting act the territory can apply for, and receive federal dollars. It is a well researched fact. How many of us (individuals or companies) could keep getting money from the territory’s legislature if we refused to comply with standard, CPA guidelines? It should be a crime that it has been allowed to continue this long!

  3. what are you suggesting fdr? who goes on without paying? friends of ticket collectors? “natives?” please tell the truth. what i’d like to know, is it racial? i’ve been to at least 35 caribbean islands.. and the u.s. virgin islands is one of the few where i’ve seen outright ugly racism. and racism is very ugly in either direction.

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