St. John dinghy dock’s done!

Ed McKenzie, the owner of Wharfisde Village, is said to be the guy behind today's repair work at the waterfront.

He sent a couple of guys out to the dinghy dock at Cruz Bay early this morning.   It took about 6 hours and an estimated 1,000 dollars to repair the damage caused late last fall by Hurricane Otto.

Kudos to Wharfside and Ed McKenzie. And thanks to St. John Spice's Spicecam which let people watch the work.

Before, at 9 a.m.

, about Noon


Done, at Beer-30


5 thoughts on “St. John dinghy dock’s done!”

  1. Yeah it is finally done at the expence of someone other than the PORT Athority….Anything to save a buck.How could they possibly misplace the bids. No file system here I guess.
    Anyway great job on both docks. I watched Spice Cam all day and seen the hard work that was done.
    I wonder where the money went that was alloted for the project ???
    Maybe someone should donate a filing cabinet to the Port Athority office.

  2. Great job! Our beloved leaders simply never understood that if you build it, they will come. There’s been no place to anchor out and dinghy in to Cruz Bay. Of course, the Port Authority will have their hand out for users. But Ed knows what’s good for business.
    Besides, with the Gov’t. planning to raise gross receipts, ignore unfair property taxation and jack hotel tax, they can maintain their SUV/gas card lifestyles without missing a beat! Thanks again, Ed. Kudos.

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