St. John caters to kids

Header_newA Chicago journalist says St. John "has something more captivating than man-made entertainment for families: It boasts attractions only nature can create."

Writing in Chicago Parent magazine, Linda Marsicano calls the island "Nature's Playground" and says it provides families the opportunity to get in touch with their outdoorsy sides through unique excursions.

She was kind enough to contact the Inquiring Iguana for his thoughts about what's do to for kids of all ages on the island. 

  • Cinnamon Bay and the archeology dig
  • Reef Bay trail
  • Trunk Bay's snorkel trail
  • Park Ranger-led activities
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2 thoughts on “St. John caters to kids”

  1. My wife and I are so happy that our kids (8 & 10) have never asked to go to Disney. They love the 10 days we spend on island every year. The tears on the ferry ride home are a constant.

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