St. John = Best Island to Live On

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We were perusing Facebook over the weekend when we came across an article posted on our friend Brittany MacNealy’s page. (Brittany owns Island Abodes here on island. If you’re looking for great, yet inexpensive accommodations close to town, be sure to check her out.) Brittany shared a list of the best islands to live on in the Caribbean, and guess who came out on top – Yup, you guessed it … Us!! Like we had any doubt. 🙂

“Being a U.S. territory makes for an easier-than-most transition, yet St. John has a pure island lifestyle: lush hills, pocket beaches, sea breezes to compliment the ever-present sun,” the article printed on Islands magazine website stated. “The airport is in St. Thomas, necessitating a ferry over to St. John and keeping this new home a bit less worn than its bigger sibling island.”

Now I know that many of you have dreamed of moving to St. John. I also know that many of you reading this are currently here and living your dream. So I’m curious, what is it about St. John that makes you want to live here? Or better yet, for those of you who live here, what prompted you to make the move? You can leave your thoughts in the comments below or over on our Facebook page.

In the meantime, here are a few reasons why I decided to call St. John home…


Daily STJ November 8 2013

Daily STJ October 10 2014

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Daily STJ May 21 2014

So true. Get yours at Portico in Mongoose Junction.
So true. Get yours at Portico in Mongoose Junction.

5 thoughts on “St. John = Best Island to Live On”

  1. When I was there I felt like my soul was home, like just a wash of calm and serenity. When I am not there I feel longing to be back every day.

    Mainly like Jodi Foster in Contact when she sees the stars and is all crying saying, “They should have sent a poet, no words.” But more crying in my case.

  2. I have been vacationing on Saint John since 1988. Bam! Fell in love! People often ask me why I keep going back to the same island, for so many years. I tell them, if they went once, they would understand. Saint Johns beauty just steals your soul. I don’t no any better words to describe how much we love STJ. See you again this September!

  3. I have been coming to St. John for over 20 years. I worked for a travel agency and have visited approx. 31 islands and no other island can compare to the beauty, peace, serenity, people and gorgeous blue waters. We always rent a villa. The “smallness” of St. John is what I love! My fav. beach is Mayo! I feel so excited to step off that ferry and feel like I am always coming “home”. For all of you who live on St. John, you are truly blessed and should thank God everyday! Hope to see you soon!

  4. My family and I have been visiting STJ for 16 years, it’s small enough to not exactly get lost when you are traveling but you can find secluded beaches or crowds of friendly people. Folks are generally on their better behavior and more outgoing. There is fresh air, open sky and you can’t hear the planes leaving from the airport. Free range animals, good food, warm nights and my list goes on and on. It’s the one place where I can just breath.

  5. I’ve Been blessed to live on St j for over 30 yrs. I have sailed from S. Carolina down the entire Caribbean chain to Vz. I have seen many beautiful islands, beaches, and people but St J is magical. When U R caught in it’s spell U know it immediately.
    I was a live aboard in St j for 6 mos when I had to make a quick return trip to the States. Upon my return by island ferry; I stepped on our then rickety, old wooden dock and immediately fell to my knees and kissed that old dirty dock and heard an older local sing out ” Welcome home me daughta”. I still get goose bumps remembering my “Fall in Love with St J.” moment. Please help us Save St J from Over Development so .we can continue to be the most beloved island in the Carribbean.

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