St. John! … BEAT Georgia!

 It's a long shot, but the Virgin islands National Park has a chance to get a $100,000 grant from the Coca Cola company.

It's park of Coke's “America Is Your Park” campaign to urge Americans to be active outdoors and to cast a vote for their favorite park to win the grant made possible by the company's Live Positively initiative.

But the odds are not good.  Some pipsqueak state park in Georgia  is already second in the tally.  Little Ocmulgee State Park.  It has already gotten almost 65,000 votes.  The current leader, Great Smokey Mountains National Park has 74,000.

The VINP has …. 53.

So you know what you have to do by August 31.  Vote!

The grant would be used for activity equipment such as bikes and kayaks, or for the restoration and construction of activity areas, presumably including hiking trails.

Vote, now!, at livepositively.com.

The Inquiring Iguana, a nefarious creature with experience in Chicago politics, has determined it's possible to vote more often than once, even encouraged. 

"Vote as many times as you like before the voting closes 8/31," a message on the site says after you cast a click.  The Iguana's votes for the Park were its 36th, 37th, and 38th.

If some dumb Georgia park no one's ever heard of can have 28K votes in the first 24 hours the poll was open, that's a lot of Georgia Peaches squeezing their mice and casting ballots.  St. John, it's up to you.

(Photo courtesy of Jan Lichterman's Flickr feed.)

12 thoughts on “St. John! … BEAT Georgia!”

  1. Well, there is absolutely no need to be so critical of the peach state, now is there???? Comparing Ocmulgee and the VINP is like comparing an apple to an orange. I am from GA and I love St. John deeply but have to admit I am a tad bit hurt by the negative comments! Nevertheless, I will overlook your “pipsqueak” and “dumb” comments and cast my vote for the sake of the VINP!

  2. The comments regarding Little Ocmulgee are totally uncalled for and you should be ashamed! we should all be proud of all our State & National Parks & be supportive of them all.

  3. The “pipsqueak/dumb” state park in Georgia appreciates the acknowledgement, but we don’t think of ourselves as “pipsqueaky or dumb”. We might be small, but pride ourselves on being beautiful, southern and most of all gracious with the hospitality. Something some are surely lacking. Enjoy the voting and best of luck.

  4. Very mature… Why sling words like “dumb” and “pipsqueak” when it is a place that brings people so much joy? The only thing dumb I can see here is a rude competitive person trashing a very needy state park.

  5. I grew up around this park and it is a sight God could only imagine. How dare you call us pipsqueak/dumb. You are not doing your island any favors by making such a rude comment. I don’t know who you are but my family feels quite sure you are not helping the state of Ga’s impression regarding your citizens or the island. We have never been there and I can assure you after this post you made we WON’T see the sand you think is so special.

  6. This little pipsqueak island doesn’t stand a chance with the real national parks and even state parks. Stick to your red beans and rice and get out of the competition. Use any of your votes to prop up another site like Great Smoky Mtns or Little O.

  7. Well, just remember that one apple doesn’t spoil the whole bunch! I refuse to believe that the Iguana’s opinion (which was clearly unnecessary and offensive)represents others on St. John. As “Ondaroad” said, we should be supportive of ALL of our national parks and be united in efforts to preserve them all…for everyone’s sake everywhere!

  8. well i don’t know where this is but we need to stop all of this i grew up here and i love it what wouild we do without littleocmulgee it has been a blessing to have such a great and wonderful park here.god bless

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