St. John Appreciation Day: The Beauty and Peace Around Us

St. John Appreciation Day: The Beauty and Peace Around Us

Good morning everyone! I woke up yesterday morning to some pretty crazy thunderstorms! My dog retreated to his usual safe spot in my shower, and I decided to start my day an hour earlier then planned. After checking any Facebook updates for the weather and our proximity to Tropical Storm Earl, I was reminded that yesterday was the five year anniversary of Irma on St. John.

I wasn’t here for the storms back in 2017, but my cousin was and I remember checking for news updates every couple of minutes, worried about her and her friends that I had met during my several visits over the years. Since moving here and becoming part of the community, I have heard stories of how the storms changed a lot for people I know and love. Yesterday, I could feel something in the air. Perhaps it was nostalgia, or fear, or a humbled respect for the power of mother earth…irreguardless, I found myself eager to appreciate the beauty peace around me, and hug loved ones.

St. John Appreciation Day: The Beauty and Peace Around Us 1


This September marks my second hurricane season on the island of St. John, and man am I grateful for how it’s gone so far (*knocks on all the wood in my apartment*).  This time of year, the weather gets a little tricky. The humidity is high, the wind is either completely still or blowing everything around like crazy. Since we’ve been feeling the edges of Earl, weather has been a bit moody to say the least. For the most part things have been pretty overcast and rainy (which, hallelujah I love this kinda weather…I mean, I used to live in Vermont…). But every once in a while the sun would pop out and we’d get this glimpse of the bright and sunny St. John that we see in the fall/winter/spring seasons and it reminds us that we are subject to seasons even down here in the tropics.


St. John Appreciation Day: The Beauty and Peace Around Us 2
My bestie Jake at Frank Bay with me in a moment of cloud openings and sunshine!


Today, I’m going to mostly share some beautiful videos and pictures I bave taken over the past couple of days! As this time of year reminds all of us (especially those of us living on an island in the Caribbean), that nothing is permanent, we are also reminded to slow down and appreciate the moment we have right now. Nothing is guarenteed beyond this moment. And holy moley am I blessed to have these moments of my life on St. John! I am excited and honored to share them with you!


Okay so before the storm rolled in, I was able to snap this peaceful pre-sunset video at Hawksnest for you! There’s something about watching the shoreline splash up against rocks that makes my heart so happy. I almost had the entire beach to myself, which is happening a lot now a days. My imagination can’t help but transport me to some deserted island with pirates and sunken ships when I find myself alone on St. John beaches.



I spent the large part of my day yesterday working up at my day job, Love City Fresh. Not only is Love City Fresh the only hydroponic vertical farm in a shipping container on St. John, but the views are also some of the most epic on the island. Here’s an awesome video of some of the weather today rolling over Bordeaux Mountain and Coral Bay from the viewpoint of my basil plants!



There can absolutely not be a St. John appreciation post without having a long portion dedicated to our sunsets! This time of year (and maybe most times?), sunsets from Frank Bay are one of my favorites! Here I can dip my toes into the water and watch the sun dramatically cascade behind St. Thomas and cast her magnificent glow over an endless sky. Also, since Frank Bay is dog friendly, I get to bring my sweet old man and watch him be so brave with the little waves he tries to love!



Well, here we are now 5 years later and St. John is resillient as ever! The colors are back in our mountainsides, our coral reefs and in the faces of hope and perseverence. I am grateful to this island community for reminding me what it looks and feels like to never give up, thank you. Hope these videos bring you peace today <3



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  1. What a treat to see your beautiful videos!! Just lowered my blood pressure!! Our favorite island, we will be back next winter!
    Thanks so much for sharing the beauty of (our) island !

  2. Thanks from someone who first stayed on STJ in 1992, and has been back 20 times, including celebrating my 70th birthday on Gibney last December! These videos remind me of how much I love the island.

  3. Thanks for sharing. I’ve been visiting since 1994, and I still find places, events, food, etc., that I didn’t know were on ST John! What a perfect little island it is.

  4. just about to meditate but read the News from St John first and am so grateful for your wonderful descriptions of the fruit and trees and for those incredible videos. they shot right to my soul. thank you!!!

  5. First visit was 1972. Lost first boat to Hugo in 1989 and 2nd to Irma 5 years ago today. Rebuilt 2nd one and keep it in Great Cruz bay. Spend 2 to 3 months sailing with family and friends. Lo
    ve st john.

  6. Hi! Thanks so much for sharing these sweet videos of beautiful St John. Our memories of the beauty there are fun to visit by watching & hearing what you’ve posted! Love from northern Wisconsin.❣️

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