St. John animal shelter on life support


Thanks to generous readers of NewsofStJohn.com, and others, the Animal Care Center will not close next week.

Alarms were sounded late last week by ACC board members that the "no kill" shelter would have to close at the end of August because it was broke. The volunteer organization was in dire shape, financially overwhelmed by the expenses of operating, caring for, and housing about 60 dogs, puppies, kittens and cats.

Despite what seem to be fund raisers held quarterly, all of which were described as "successful" a day later, the $13,000 monthly operating budget was not being met.  "Fund raising is not enough.  Know any grant writers who could help us," said the ACC's Jennifer Dale.

You can help now by making a donation through PayPal here.

Skinny_dogsMany readers of this Web site responded to our story published Friday. John Fuller, the ACC's Treasurer, said nearly 100 people contributed $5 to $1,000, totaling nearly $7.400. "We're not out of the woods yet," he said.  One source said the ACC now has enough money to operate to the middle of October, when another fund raiser is planned.

But the organization's leaders know it can't keep living on pleas, yard sales, and costume parties.

said the group is working to develop a business plan that insures the costs of staff, food, medicines, veterinarians and more can be met.  Fund raising pitches will be made to public and private groups with an objective of having a long-range outlook rather than lurching from crisis to crisis.

What the shelter needs, literally, is a Big Dog … someone (or someones) who would agree to fund an annual operating budget so there is some security and certainty for the cats and dogs.

You can help now by making a donation through PayPal here.

13 thoughts on “St. John animal shelter on life support”

  1. Thanks to everyone who contributed. Literally, every dime helps. We will get out of this crisis and survive to continue to help the animals and the community – with your help. Thank you so very much!

  2. I’ve just forwarded my donation in memory of Orie. For most of you old timers you remember Orie as Arlene’s shadow over the years. Orie was once a dumpster dog that made good with Arlene’s love. We miss him a bunch!

  3. What about the celebrities who call St. John home to all pitch in to support the annual operating budget?
    The Kenny Chesney’s etc……?

  4. I just posted this to my FB page and the “Toes in da sand-hooked on St. John group I’d started a while back. I have many friends that love “our” little island so hoping they will give with their hearts!

  5. I have a business in St Thomas and would like to help, I am an animal lover and rescued what is now my best pal from a kill shelter who was a day away from euthanization.
    I would be interested in donating a percetage of my earnings to the shelter monthly or quarterly, so long as proof can be shown it is being used on the animals and in a productive way and funds are not being misused.
    You can contact me at [email protected]. Put ” ANIMAL SHELTER” in subject line.

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