St. John Polar Plunge planned for New Year’s

It wouldn't be a New Year if the evening  news didn't show groups of supposedly-sane people in places like Green Bay, Wisconsin jumping into frigid ponds and lakes.


Cheryl Geller at Coral Bay's Tourist Trap figures, why should St. John miss out on the fun.  So she has announced the First annual St. John Polar Plunge for New Year's Day.

"It may, 'freeze', at 32°, she wrote on her Facebook page, "But round these parts, 79° IS freezing!!!

The idea is that all plungers dress in their wintry-est wear and jump into Salt Pond.  If nothing else, the subsequent group photo will be a keeper.  Geller said she'll use it "to josh and rib Polar Plungers in cold climes around the world." And everybody gets a free Bloody Mary after they take their dip.

Folks participating in the event are being asked to make a donation which will go to help pay the costs of the Concordia Bush Cat Feeding Station.

8 thoughts on “St. John Polar Plunge planned for New Year’s”

  1. Looks like fun! I know what you mean by 79 feeling cold. Our Gulf of Mexico waters are extremely cold right now! They are suppose to be in the low 70s high 60s right now but it’s been so cold here I believe they are in the 50s! Someone take me to USVI!

  2. I did this the past two years in cold Wisconsin and I can tell you that doing it in St. John will be much more pleasant! So wish I could be there, but looking forward to the pictures!

  3. Cheryl, I work for Special Olympics Virginia and help with the Polar Plunge Feb 4/5 in Va. Beach, Va. We visit St. John twice a year. I think this is a great idea. Does 100% of the money raised go to Concordia Bush Cat Feeding Station or does some go to Special Olympics? Good Luck on your endeavor!

  4. A great time was had by all! The water was oh so cold, but we all managed to brave it for the kitties! Thanks Cheryl and Larry! The Bloody Marys helped warm our souls…

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