What’s the perfect Virgin Islands souvenir?

SouvenierThis is a picture of a bottle stopper, sold as a souvenir at a smoothie stand on St. John. 

A couple of Midwesterners happened to post that they regretted not getting one while they were on island, and a thoughtful person, known as LMG, read about their regret on the Virgin Islands On-Line Forum, and bought them one.

Well, this started me thinking about souvenirs.  What’s a good memento of a good time on St. John? 

For me, it’s a silver band which features a petroglyph design, which we bought at R & I Patton years ago.  In fact, I lost it, by which time the Pattons were no longer making them in silver, only gold.  But Irene did me a favor, and hand crafted a second one.  I wear it now as a wedding ring.  It’s a constant reminder of the island.

I wonder what souvenirs other people bring back.  Seems to me the more locally-made or -related, the better, rather than something that might have been Made in China.

Care to share?  Post your suggestions here.

20 thoughts on “What’s the perfect Virgin Islands souvenir?”

  1. Silver anti-hurricane hook bracelet from Blue Palm… I’m from Louisiana and don’t want any more hurricanes to hit here OR my favorite spot other than home, St. John.

  2. My wife would say a Christmas ornament from one of the local shops, but my choice would be a pair of Virgin Island Pale Ale pint glasses from Tap Room!

  3. Christmas ornaments by ‘Diane’ and of course we have a lot of prints from Coconut Coast Studios at our home and offices – love her under water/ above water play on art.

  4. I love the gorgeous St John Bay bracelets created by Alice and Tom at Coral Bay Jewelers. And sterling charms from R&I Patton. There is also the really cool native seed jewelry made by the local man with a roadside stand at Salt Pond Bay – support local crafts!

  5. While staying at Gallows Point on our 2nd Honeymoon, we bought a World Music CD. And, although it’s not a locally made item, everytime I listen to it I’m transported back to my shaded patio overlooking the docks and watching the geckos and peacocks. I long to go back and relive every moment!

  6. In Pennsylvania we have beer distributors and none of the local shops carried Carib. I asked one to find Carib and he now stocks it. He often thanks me because he sells a lot of it – must be a lot of Carib beer lovers out there.

  7. When we go to the VI we bring back artwork. We have a print by Livy Hitchcock of Dockside Pub and Cruzbay Beach Shop. It’s so nice to have that memory instead of that awful highrise that sits in their place when you get off the ferry. We also have Erickson prints including the one of the Coral Bay signs that include Skinny Legs. We have picked up a blow fish from the shop near Skinny Legs. We have so many lovely memories of St. John.

  8. We have an original watercolor from Robert Chace that he personally gave to us. He was an artist in residence years ago for Caneel. We befriended him on one of our visits and would see him each time we returned. Sadly he passed away almost 2 years ago. Now we bring back Christmas Ornaments for each year we visit.

  9. I got petroglygh earings from R&I Patton on my honeymoon in 6/83. This june will be 25 years and I still wear them at least 5 times a week. I’ll cherish them forever. This june I have been promised a 25 year anniver gift back. We have been back many times but this year will be special. And I expect a very special piece of jewelry w/ the petro symbol on it!

  10. I always get hot saunces
    Trinidad Charlies, Blind Betty’s and the others. I love giving Steve Simonsen’s coffee table picture book for people to get the juices flowing to want to visit the island.
    I love treats from Caravan Gallery as I know Radha has such a good collection.
    Also have to stop at the Schnell studio as well.
    I always get some little things like the STJ bumper stickers and the wall mountings at Everyting and local art as well.
    That is what I tell people when they ask what they should bring back as souvenirs……..

  11. Ah, I’m just seeing this. Cool post. And, yes, it was quite the pain to go by the smoothie stand. What with all the variety and the rum. Gah!
    As for my souvenir choice, I didn’t know this but apparently I’ve started a “buy jewelry on St. John” tradition with myself. 🙂

  12. Jewelry, especially from Best of Both Worlds at Mongoose. I don’t wear any other jewelry, never remove my hook bracelet! Love Steve Simsonsen’s calendars also! I have constant reminders of STJ everywhere I look in our home! Too many to list here!!

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