“Soul” Music From St. John For Your Monday Morning

“Soul” Music From St. John For Your Monday Morning

Happy Monday to you all!  I wanted to share with you this morning a music video from some of my favorite St. John artists in hopes that it kicks your work week off to a positive start.

Lauren and Bo Magnie are a husband and wife musical team who have been making music on St. John for mare than a decade. Over the past few years, I have watched them grow and expand into a multitude of exciting new musical projects, including different artists along the way.  During the pandemic, the duo organized a “Homegrown Open Mic” featuring artists of St. John past and present via coordination of Zoom videos with support from the Virgin Islands Council of the Arts.  If you never tuned into those, you can still watch on Lauren and Bo’s YouTube channel…And I highly recommend that you do!

A few years back, an incredibly talented local artist, Eva Chinn, began collaborating with this beautiful couple at open mics and via the pandemic inspired zoom videos.  The results of those collaborations have turned into something absolutely amazing.  Eva and Lauren’s harmonies are seamless and breathtaking in this latest release from Lauren and Bo Music.  In the “Soul” music video, Bo Magnie accompanies Eva’s soulful lead vocals and Lauren’s angelic backup and his father, John Magnie, plays the keys.  The video also serves up a side of St. John scenery as the backdrop 🙂

“It was a really easy process to record and sing with Lauren and Bo,” Eva told me.  “I really thank them for letting me put my energy and my interpretation of their work out there into something that we can all be proud of.”

"Soul" Music From St. John For Your Monday Morning 1
Lauren (left) and Eva (right) performing at Maho Crossroads in 2019

Lauren wanted to mention how much the couple loves and appreciates Eva’s beautiful voice and that this song will be a part of a virtual concert this week that YOU can tune into!  The St. John School of the Arts Sis Frank Concert Series will air on Friday evening, featuring the Magnie Family and Friends.  You can reserve your Zoom seat here and tune in for some magical music making for a great cause on February 26 at 7PM.  All shows are free with the option to donate to the St. John School of the Arts in support of art and music programs for the youth of Love City.


As a side note, a lot of you have been messaging about current on island activities.  Stay tuned later this week for a Live Music Update with an island wide schedule of events!  Thank you so much for watching and reading along.  I hope you’ve enjoyed these sights and sounds from St. John!

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  1. Great start to another very snowy work week.
    Thank you . I so look forward every day to your blog. Brings sunshine into alot of very grey days up on the NE coast.
    Can’t wait to see you in May.
    My mantra every day is “it will happen” !!!

  2. We are coming to St. John over Christmas, from December 24 to December 31. Are Restaurants and Jeep rental agencies open on Christmas generally or not? Who could help us with this question?

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