Don’t run out of gas or cash

Some experienced St. John visitors think it's a good idea to take a 'glass is half empty' point of view.

On the smallest of the Virgin Islands, there is only one operating gas station, E&C Service in Cruz Bay. But it has been known to run out of gas.  Maybe the barge that brings the delivery trucks is out of service for maintenance, or simply late – no matter, sometimes E&C has no gas.

Gromit, who posts often on the Virgin-Islands-On-Line forum, says "I personally can't relax unless I know I've got at least a half a tank no matter what. It's simply not worth it to risk running out, especially if you are staying in Coral Bay (where Dominio has yet to re-open …)." Read Gromit's message here.

Along the same lines, Gromit adds, "It's always a good idea to have $100-200 accessible because the ATMs have been known to run out (of money) especially over holiday week-ends."

What an island 🙂

2 thoughts on “Don’t run out of gas or cash”

  1. I thought people go to STJ. to relax and get away from stressing. It is a small island and there will be issues. Don’t think I want to spend time worring about gas and atm’s. You can bring a car back without a full tank. And yes they will charge you. But I think that is easier then spending my time on island looking at the gas guage. Been on island 10 times in the last 8 years for mostly 2 week stays. Haven’t used an ATM and haven’t run out of gas. Don’t worry be happy. Enjoy the island with all it’s great and not so great things about it. If you do worry that much about gas. Would suggest taxies. There eveywhere. Don’t no what to tell you about the ATM’S. Bring more cash/credit cards????? Just got back 2 weeks ago and will be back on island in 234 days. But who’s counting. Biggest worries we all usually have are what beach to spend the day on and what to do for supper. Eat in, ZOZO’s, Lime Inn, DaLivio, Asolare. Just another day in PARADISE.

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