So you want to own a business on St. John

Living and making a living on St. John is a dream of many people.  But the ins and outs of the the government regulations and VI tax requirements can easily turn the dream into a nightmare.  So warns Jason Monigold, a computer consultant with a business in Cruz Bay.

“I decided I needed to figure out the tax system in the Virgin Islands and how our businesses can survive it. It took a little time – two years of talking to lawyers, bookkeepers, and government officials, but I have finally figured out what needs to happen,” Monigold has said.

He’s published two books to help would-be island entrepreneurs avoid problems.  “The Essential Handbook for Business in the U.S. Virgin Islands”($40)  and :”starting Business in the Virgin Islands” ($14.95) are available from his Web site, http://www.vitaxhelp.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1&products_id=1

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  1. Frank, reading your newsletter and the St. John forum on Trip Advisor makes me feel more in touch with a place I love (as do many; you can tell from the forum!) Thanks for helping those of us who relish our once-a-year time on St. John feel like we’re there more often! Back in June, 2009!

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