So Many Virtual Vacations!

Hello everyone, and happy Saturday! I hear it’s pretty chilly in many parts of the country today. I just read that it snowed in New York City this morning… so crazy! So I figured that many of you really, really need to take a Virtual Vacation today. So to make this easier for all of you, we’re sharing all of our recent Virtual Vacations in one spot.

Pick your favorite spot, crank the heat (if you’re somewhere chilly), turn on your favorite island tunes, and enjoy!

Klein Bay 


St. John’s Overlooks 

Frank Bay


Trunk Bay Overlook 

Salomon & Honeymoon (sorry about the typo on the video!!)

If there is a place you’d like to take a Virtual Vacation, please let me know in the Comments section. Have a wonderful day everyone!

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8 thoughts on “So Many Virtual Vacations!”

  1. This is awesome! Thank you! Need this everyday. This will have to serve as a substitute for our cancelled June trip. Happy early Mother’s Day!

  2. Managed to get our 25th Anniversary trip in a few months ago before this mess started! How about Hansen, Great Lameshur and Waterlemon? Help us relive our best moments ❤️
    Love what you are doing!

  3. I second Cinnamon. Go to right, past the small point to the “hut”. We always try to get out there early for that spot. 🙂 With any luck we will be back mid June.

    Thanks Jenn for all you do!

  4. Yes, Jenn, thanks for all you do. Love the videos.
    Happy Mother’s Day tomorrow. Would love to see a current picture of Dalton.

  5. Virtual is never as good as the real thing but these videos are awesome. We also managed to get our 25th anniversary trip in this year before the chaos started and can’t wait to come back! St. John is our very favorite destination!

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