Slave graves do tell tales


Photo courtesy of Bob Schlesinger, TropicalFocus.com

The new Cinnamon Bay Museum is nearing completion and the Friends of the Virgin Islands National Park project is open to visitors Monday through Friday.

Displays include artifacts collected at Cinnamon Bay, which includes a number of active archeological sites overseen by the Park. "There's archeology everywhere," Park archaeologist Kourtney Donohue told a Friends of the Park seminar, according to the St. John Source.

Cinnamon Bay once was a plantation village. The remains of nearly four dozen people have been recovered at the site over the past 40 years. Erosion as well as the impact of tides and storms have revealed grave sites. Donahue said finding the graves is difficult because they rarely included headstones or tombs. Bones that have been recovered tell tales of repetitive work (bone weary), as sell as effects of diseases and even dental problems like abscesses.

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