Sirenusa decision riles the island


The St. John Source reports the island’s former Administrator, Julien Harley, is hopping mad at the Senate for approving more condo development at Sirenusa.  Newly-elected Sen. Carmen Wesselhoft is singled out.  The full story from the Source.

Meanwhile, The Source has been getting letters, too.

2 thoughts on “Sirenusa decision riles the island”

  1. Senator Wesselhoft states that a few more units will not solve the problem of inadequate infrastructure, but it appears it’s a few more units here, a few more there, and the trend continues. It’s the “just a few more” that is killing St. John. When we start adding up the few mores it equals a lot. The recent vote in favor of the variance for Sirenusa completely disregards the current zoning code which should protect the harmony of the community and it’s residents.
    The current trend of these large scale projects on St. John is not progress, it should be defined as island sprawl — unplanned and unsustained.

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