Shambles Opens on Centerline Road

Welcome to Shambles

A brand new restaurant opened on Centerline Road last week, and it’s one we think you’re going to like and appreciate.

Shambles is owned by David Baysden, who previously owned Driftwood David’s. Driftwood David’s didn’t make it through Irma, so David was forced to find a new location. He was lucky in that he found a nice little spot on Centerline Road right around mile two. Shambles is located next for to St. John Car Repair and pretty close to Paradise Lumber.

It’s pretty hard to miss Shambles when driving by as its exterior walls are bright shades of yellow, orange, green and red. It’s mainly an open air restaurant with great breezes, although there is a small interior space for those of you who prefer walls when dining. 🙂 It has a large bar complete with several swings because who doesn’t want to swing around when imbibing in an ice cold Corona out of a can… St. John now recycles cans, so this is a great move! (Hopefully soon we will be able to recycle all of the glass bottles served around the island.)

Shambles Exterior

Swings at Shambles

Shambles is trying to be as eco-friendly as it can. Here is the message David put on the front of its menu:

“This is another Driftwood David’s Venue… We are very serious about food in a casual atmosphere. After Driftwood David’s was destroyed by two hurricanes, we were left in shambles wondering what to do – no restaurant, no business! Hence Shambles and Living Roots on St. John. We’re reducing our carbon footprint, growing our own lettuces and herbs for fresh ingredients ad reducing our plastic and throw away glass by 80%. Glasses with paper straws, veggie-based to go containers and only plastics we can recycle.”

Now I’m sure many of you are interested in that “serious food” mentioned above. Here’s the menu plus the drink menu.

Shambles Breakfast and Lunch menu

Shambles Drink Menu

As you can see above, Shambles has pretty good happy hour prices. Two dollars and fifty cents for a cold beer is good any day of the week!

So the next time you’re cruising along Centerline Road, be sure to stop and check out Shambles. Show a little love to yet another business owner who’s bouncing back after the hurricanes. Your love and support for us all means so much. And with that, have a terrific Tuesday everyone.

7 thoughts on “Shambles Opens on Centerline Road”

  1. When I was on StJ in April I spent a couple days working at StJ Car Repair,who by the way are sensational people,I walked over and met David. I knew right away that this man has something going on few of us have. His calming nature dropped my NJ blood pressure to a few clicks above dead ! Anyway, I had lunch there yesterday and I’m delighted ! Really great ! Next time any of you are on StJ go there !

  2. Congratulations, David on your Grand Opening!
    So glad you are finally open! My husband & I just got home from a long, tiring trip to Ireland and immediately checked the News of St. John blog and when we read that you were open….that just made our day!!
    We wish you great success at your new location and can’t wait to drop by when we come back in Oct. I have a craving for some of your delicious grilled corvina fish.
    P.S. I hope you are wearing that “lei” while cooking!

  3. David I’m so happy I finally found you. We miss your wit and will try to catch up with you if and when we get to St. Johns. Just a little note about your buddy and our grandson Austin Power.(piss ant) to you. 26 years old and married as of Nov.2018. Sharon says Hi. Let us know if you get this message.
    .Best of Luck to you

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