September a quiet month on island

This is a quiet time on the island, although it’s relative.  This summer has been busier, and drawn more visitors, than previous, as year-over-year St. John gains in popularity.  Nonetheless, full-time residents need to take vacations, too – and hurricane seasons as good a time as any.  Hence a number of restaurants and businesses shut down for a while.  Here’s a list prepared by Ruth of St. John Spice. http://www.stjohnspice.com/stjohnrestaurants.htm

3 thoughts on “September a quiet month on island”

  1. Hi!
    A quiet time? yes it is a “relative” issue.
    If you forget the year round truck and construction noise, dust from development projects, car ferry congestion, and Friday long bank lines…..oh yes–i forgot to mention the alleged racially motivated assault and rape of a local busieness womanm the subsequent torching of the alledged perptrator’s car, the burning of Meada’s plaza in respnse, the rally and demonstrations wanting a 1978 Fountain valley massacre in response to that…and the overall racial tension that’s been brewing for over a year now–
    yes–its been pretty quiet this past month….

  2. Are you trying to scare me away?! You both sound so cynical, I hope it won’t hinder you in trying to find a creative solution to the problems you see there. It’s too small and beautiful of a place to hold that much hatred.

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