Senate candidate suggests real estate value freeze

During a Candidates Forum at the Westin Resort, former At Large Senator Craig Barshinger floated the idea of freezing real estate values as a way of preventing huge tax increases for local property owners.

Barshinger reminded the forum of California’s Proposition 13
which assesses property values when they are bought and when they are
sold.  In the meantime, the value is steady and taxes increase only by
the rate which levies rise.

A report of the meeting was published by the St. John Source at http://www.onepaper.com/stjohnvi/?v=d&i=&s=News:Local&p=1212901586

Barshinger is running in the September primary to compete against incumbent Carmen Wesselhoft in November, was one of three candidates who appeared the the meeting organized by the Coral Bay Community Council.  Also attending were two other St. Johnians running in the the primary, Harry Daniel and Loreli Monsanto.  Two other sitting Senators did attend, but Wesselhoft did not.

1 thought on “Senate candidate suggests real estate value freeze”

  1. Prop 13 was passed way back in 1977 or was it 1978. Those were in the days of normal California politics. In today’s climate of far left Cal politics it wouldn’t have a chance today. In fact, those libs in state government would love to change it. Probably only reason it hasn’t happened yet is that folks like B. Streisand and R. Gere even tho’ to the left of Karl, still don’t want their taxes raised.
    Oh, did I sound too political. Well, I was just out the door to a Republican Party meeting. It’s a monthly event at the only phone booth left in my barrio.

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