Selengut’s new eco-resort open for business

BedroomThe founder and genius behind Maho Bay has some new ideas.  And Stanley Selengut has then on display, and for rent, now at Estate Concordia Preserve, a sister eco-resort to Maho Bay Camps, on the southeast end of St. John.

The first four studio apartments of his new eco-resort project have been completed.  And Selengut says he is closer now than ever to finding the ideal way to build with sustainable materials in the Virgin Islands.  The key to this new project was a refrigerator. "It was doing its job, keeping perishables cold and making ice while remaining quiet and energy efficient," Selengut said. "Eureka! Why not construct a studio-sized area that is similar to a walk-in food locker?"

And that's what he and architect Glen Speer did using Eco-Panels (www.eco-panels.com) and its Sustainable Insulated Panel System.  "All new Concordia units are built with the SIPS panels containing 6 inches of foam between the outside plywood and the finished interior," Selengut said."The exteriors are wrapped with metal foil and then Hardi-planked for a tight seal."

Counter But wait, here's more environmental friendliness.  Empty bottles have been recycled at Selengut's Maho Bay glass studio into lighting fixtures and soap dishes.  The counter tops in the kitchens and bathrooms of the units are formed with colorful crushed glass mixed with cement. The Maho fabric studio has fashioned wall decorations made from recycled linens which are batiked with handcrafted designs. 

The studios rent for $250 a night in winter and $160 a night during summer.

Concordia Eco-Studios Web site

  • http://concordiaecostudios.blogspot.com/

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  1. Two great men Stanley Selengut and Glen Speer, they both really get St. John and strive to keep it the way it was meant to be.
    Bless them both.

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