Schnell leaving Mongoose

SchnellOne of the island’s best known artists is moving his studio and gallery from Mongoose Junction to a second-floor space near O’Connor’s Texaco

Donald Schnell opened his business at Mongoose 26 years ago. "There was nothing but bush from the post office all the way down to Mongoose," he remembers.  During several decades, Schnell has designed lamps, sconces, dish ware and art pieces for resorts and homeowners from Cruz Bay to Seattle to Tortola.

His own interests have extended beyond the island’s shores, as he travels to Italy twice a year to find stone tile, terra cotta pots, ceramic fountains, bowls and counter tops for import.  "The island is now ready for these kinds of building materials," Schnell said in a news release.  The new larger space on the second floor of the Amore Center will also let Schnell create larger and sculptured works.  he expects to open for business at the new spot during the first week of April.

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