Report: Chesney selling land at half-price

The Inquiring Iguana (hereinafter possibly to be known as i-Iguana – ‘ cause I just bought an Apple MacBook and now everything will have an "i’ in front of it) hears that Kenny Chesney’s got done a deal to sell his mountaintop land in upper Peter Bay. 

The three-acre lot is reportedly where the singer and Renee Zelwegger were married. It’s said to have been on the market almost a year and a half. 

The original asking price was $11 million.  The i-Iguana hears from a former villa-owner who understands the deal was done for about half … $6.5 million. Ouch!

10 thoughts on “Report: Chesney selling land at half-price”

  1. I believe this is his 2nd property he has sold…I wonder if he’s decided to try a different island due to the St. John growth…???

  2. I enjoy getting your newsletter, even though moved to STT from STJ about four years ago. Thanks for the podcast re Keep Left – I’ve emailed Michael and ordered the book – we have similar stories!
    My husband, Richard and I have used Mac for years, and both of us just bought new laptops a couple of months ago – let Richard know if you run into any glitches; he’s a good problem solver.

  3. I guess when you’re operating at that level, $11M vs. $6.5M is an abstraction… just a score-keeping exercise, really!
    P.S. Congrats on the MacBook. I just got my 1st MacBook Pro 15″ in September after years on WinDell systems: super high-tech in every way!
    Did you notice that the screen brightness adjusts for ambient lighting levels? Just move your hands over the fan slots area, and watch the screen and keyboard dim, then brighten. I thought my LCD screen was defective for the 1st week or so… smart!

  4. Thanks for the encouragement vis a vis the Macbook. I’m really going back to Apple … gave up to the dark side 10 years ago when we started what became CBS MarketWatch. Now that I’m no longer there, I want to have fun with computers (iLife-Garageband and iDVD and iMovie).
    Now, if Amazon would just stop showing the darn things in stock but not shipping … I’d be happier. Monday, when I ordered, they were saying Wednesday delivery … now, maybe, they say, Friday.
    I ordered from Amazon to get a $75 rebate. I’d rather have the machine, now.

  5. Anytime a capitalist stumbles and falls on the shores of a perceived Shangrila, what surely will follow is a slow and inevitable deterioration of the natural to the un-natural. Hence, Hooters is here or coming. Explore, conquer, manipulate and finally contaminate. I think Chesney is very perceptive and decided to vacate before the contamination sets in. Property value is subjective.

  6. Kenney is selling that property for about 30% over what he paid for it three years ago. Not bad. He still owns one of the nicest properties on the island. I doubt that Hooters is driving him away.

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