Restaurant closing guide

A lot of island restaurants close during late summer and early fall.  St. John Ruth tries to keep up with who’s open and who’s closed and she posts it on her web site.  I’ve taken a look at the schedule and here’s my best estimate of which restaurants that may have taken a break are now open this week. If you have better information, post it here. Best advice: call ahead

Open after going on hiatus:

  •     Aqua Bistro
  •     High Tide
  •     Joe’s Rum Hut
  •     Ronnie’s Pizza ‘n’ Mo
  •     Skinny Legs
  •     Zozo”s
  •     Morgan’s Mango and Rhumblines (Ruth reported Sunday)

Expect to be closed

  •     Banana Deck
  •     Cafe Roma
  •     China Shack
  •     Donkey Diner
  •     Island Blues
  •     Lime Inn
  •     Miss Lucy’s
  •     Ocean Grill
  •     Shipwreck Landing
  •     Stone Terrace
  •     Sweet Plantains 


6 thoughts on “Restaurant closing guide”

  1. …pls clarify “expect to be closed” – forever? Sure hope not. For awhile longer till the season gets in gear?
    What do you hear re: Tage/360 these days?

  2. Yes, please let us know about Tage. My friends in Pennsylvania are planning a trip down and that is their favorite restaurant.

  3. Donkey Diner opens for breakfast on Saturday, 20 October and for pizza on Wednesday, 24 October. We’re now open for internet and cold drinks. Thank you all for your past support as we look forward to seeing old and new friends.

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