St. John’s Ronnie’s Pizza delivers ‘Mo’

Ronnie Klingsberg opened his pizza place at Boulon Center five years ago, moving from space next to the Tamarind Inn.


Finding either that man (or a business) cannot live on pizza alone, he's hired a top flight cook who's been delivering the 'Mo' in Ronnie's business name, Pizza 'n' Mo.

Zack Williams is the cook and, according to Bob Schlesinger of Tropical Focus photography, "He's been cooking up great inexpensive meals."

During a recent visit, Bob sampled th Lobster Carbanara ($15) while his partner and wife, Karin, tasted the Chicken Picatta with Penne ($16).  Both pronounced them great.  In fact, Karin's planning a 'girls' night out with friends there soon.

"It's priced for locals who want a good meal," Schlesinger said, suggesting that families on vacation might want to include Ronnie's on their list of places to eat.

Ronnie opens for business at Noon every day except Saturday when they open at 4 p.m. with New York-style pizza made from fresh dough and with no preservatives.  They are closed Sundays. Delivery's also available every night 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.  His Facebook page is here.  It has fresh menus.

The Schlesinger's aren't the only ones who think Ronnie's good.  Here's a review from Virgin Islands On-Line.

7 thoughts on “St. John’s Ronnie’s Pizza delivers ‘Mo’”

  1. Ronnie’s pizzas are awesome, the beverages well chilled, the A/C refreshing, the TV enormous and his personality charming – love going there :))

  2. We stumbed into this place our last day in May. We wish we would have found it sooner. We had already ate dinner somewhere else, but somebody had said they had killer desserts and did they ever. This will be a frequent stop the next trip. The pizza looked awesome.

  3. Excellent pizza!! The guys the real deal too. It’s amazing that more visitors don’t spend their money at Ronnie’s. Hell, there’s even parking.

  4. I live in Manhattan and pretty much the only reason I come to St. John is for the pizza at Ronnie’s. I don’t care much for the beaches or nature. Hey Ronnie, any chance you can get bacon pizza?

  5. Ronnie’s Pizza is an excellent NY pie. Highly recommended. Ronnie’s is located in Cruz Bay, just off of the traffic circle, around the corner from the Dolphin Market.

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