Rockin’ at the Cruz Bay roundabout

Believe it or don’t, but it seems they’re working seven days a week constructing the traffic roundabout in Cruz Bay.  I've seen guys building walls along the ball field and snack bar structure on the corner on Sundays.

Some nice rock wall work has already been done around the school building across from the ball field, and the old O’Connor Texaco station has been pretty well dug up. 

Most of the excavation now is along the road which borders Boulon Center.  The contractor is lowering the road grade.  That road is temporarily one-way from the barge dock up to the intersection.

Predictably, there are small traffic jams at the intersection where
five roads converge, especially during the afternoons when street
crossing guards are helping the kids.

One source at Public Works says the project is ahead of schedule because estimates of the work to be done were higher than what’s actually needed.

After the “Boulon” road is done, they’ll move go across and work on changing the grade of the road down to the fire station.

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