Ritz Carlton at Maho Bay? April Fool!

By now, we all know to beware of anything we see before Noon on the Internet on the 1st of April.  While tech sites were full of phony stories (a Microsoft-friendly iPhone, for instance), even on the Virgin Islands On-Line forum, a prankster was up early. 

Rick G posted, “Ritz Carlton to Acquire Maho Bay?”

I was reading the Ritz Carlton S-1 and it appears they have an option on the Maho Bay property? It’s part of their Caribbean expansion to include:

  • Molasses Reef (Turks & Caicos Islands, B.W.I) – 2007
  • Rose Island (Bahamas) – 2009
  • St. Lucia (Caribbean) – 2009
  • Maho Bay Plantation (U.S. Virgin Islands) – 2012

They mention building a funicular to the beach, a submarine ferry from the existing Ritz Carlton location, helipad and a geriatric life-extension center. Interesting.   

Like many effective jokes, this one had the ring of possibility, if not truth.

SailorGirl posted immediate;y, “Say it ain’t so.”  Sea-Nile took the bait, adding, “Please NO!  This will ruin of the best snorkeling spots.”  While Wishwewerethere sounded philosophical about the impending development. “A submarine ferry? That actually sounds kind of cool.”

Within an hour, Anthony Finta, who runs the Forum, put the kibosh on it pointing out it was April Fool’s.  And Rick, himself, fessed up about about 9 a.m.

Full Forum thread is here: http://www.virgin-islands-on-line.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=6583

3 thoughts on “Ritz Carlton at Maho Bay? April Fool!”

  1. ha ha ha
    You won’t be laughing so hard when they do build a resort on the East End. It’s already in the works.

  2. nope – there has been some hub-bub that the Ritz is going to develop a large parcel on the East End. Boat access only.

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