Rich and Famous, Batali, Part Deux

Mario Batali's still on island – having a good time staying at Caneel Bay and Tweeting.


"Yeow back at the crabby fatso. Presently surfing wave of yumminess !!! Woohoo!!"

Waking this morning, he offrered, "Good morning sweet sea!! (@ Turtle Beach)."

When the Inquiring Iguana Tweeted, "Someone shud tell Mario it's Turtle 'Bay' not 'Beach'," he replied

"Thx frank but the beach on turtle bay is too dry to be called a bay so we call it turtle beach Woohoo!"

At last Tweet, Mario was "On the beach in st john admiring the war from the dmz of a pina colada surf." He sent  a picture, too.

Have fun, Mr. Batali.

4 thoughts on “Rich and Famous, Batali, Part Deux”

  1. Great, Mario…glad you’re tearing off your own special corner of beautiful STJ…be a lamb and find a genuine way to give back…run along now….

  2. in turtle bay,
    on turtle beach
    at, somewhere around:Selected Coordinates
    Latitude:N 18° 21′ 3.2412″
    Longitude:W 64° 47′ 14.8967″
    Latitude:N 18° 21.054020161966562′
    Longitude:W 64° 47.24827766418457′

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