Readers’ comments on eatin’, drinkin’ and limin’

The diversity of choices among readers for their favorite restaurants reflected the many tastes of the island. Here are some comments:

  • Island Blues "Great music and friendly, laid back atmosphere." "Best burgers in the Caribbean." "’Best Bar’ on the west end of the island." 340-776-6800
  • Quiet Mon Pub "Especially when Kenny is tending bar."  340-779-4799
  • Tage "Simply the best food I’ve ever had." "The best." 340-715-4270
  • Deli Grotto "Where the old Mongoose Deli was … the new owners know how to please with their flexible menu. Prices are good, to boot." 340-777-3061
  • Uncle Joe’s Barbecue "For a great meal, under $10, and such atmosphere!" 340-693-8806
  • Fish Trap "Always a favorite and must visit."  340-693-9994
  • Lime Inn "Best dinner value. Great food, drinks and people." "Hands down, favorite restaurant." "Love it, especially when Inner Visions is playing across the street, at Fred’s." 340-776-6425
  • Tamarind Court "Breakfast made in heaven." 340-776-6378
  • Stone Terrace "For an exquisite evening."  340-693-9370
  • Woody’s "For a quick drink and a Conch Fritter." "Just pure fun."
  • ZoZo’s "For a great night out with the one you love." 340-693-9200
  • Beach Bar: "’Best Bar’ on the east end of the island." "The best." "Tuna Roll is the best light bite." 340-770-4220
  • Ten Tables: "My favorite."

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4 thoughts on “Readers’ comments on eatin’, drinkin’ and limin’”

  1. We really enjoyed tuna steaks – rare like they should be – at Banana Deck! We’ve enjoyed other menu items there as well and the atmosphere is fun!

  2. We used to love the food at Asolare and, when the chef was having a good night at Paradiso.
    Now TAGE has our vote, followed by the Stone Terrace.

  3. We’ve been coming to St. John for the last 5 years even though the restaurant scene is glum. That’s a testament to how much we love the island because we’re foodies. We had dinner at The Balcony our first night and while the service was S-L-O-W, the food was pretty good. Mario Battalia from Babbo’s and his wife sat at the table right next to us and told the owner they loved their dinner (the lobster). (Our waiter said he was a good tipper.) Our other good meal was lunch at Miss Lucy’s. We went to Asolare our last night and won’t do that again. Overpriced and pretentious.

  4. Once again we had a fine meal at the Balcony where once again we spotted Mario Battali from Babbo in NYC. But the absolute best meals (went there twice) were at Sweet Plantains in Coral Bay. Lovely spot, lovely service, friendly servers, and great Caribbean food. A keeper! Also another yummy lunch at Miss Lucy’s. Forgettable dinner at Rhumb Line.

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