Restaurant with the best view?

TheStreet.com has just published a story listing bars and restaurants around the country boasting great vistas to be seen from their tables.  Got me to wondering, which eatery has the best view on St. John?

Asolare … the BalconyCompass RoseChateau BordeauxZozo’s (that’s where the picture was taken) … whatever restaurant opens at Grande Bay … all pretty waterside panoramas. But, maybe you’re into people-watching.  That would suggest, maybe, JJ’s in the Park, Aqua Bistro or Skinny Legs.

So, I’m wondering, what’s your favorite view with a restaurant?  Name it here.

33 thoughts on “Restaurant with the best view?”

  1. I am going to go back in time and say “The Upper Deck” which became no longer in existence with the arrival of hurricane Hugo. There is no bar or restaurant today that can measure up!

  2. Zozo’s hands down or is that hands up. Some of the best ozzo bucco and fried calimari I’ve ever suppered upon.
    Oh, you mean the view….well that too.

  3. The bar at Zozo’s certainly is nice but a table next to the outer wall at Asolare over looking Cruz Bay is the best.

  4. The bar at Zozo’s certainly is nice but I will take a table by the outer wall at Asolare looking down on Cruz bay at night.

  5. Uncle Joe’s for the best ribs in the world and ZoZo We own in St. John and having been comin to the Island for 30+ years.i am more concerned abou the developement and crime and the I do not care attitude of the police.

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