Restaurant sells – after 7 years on the market

StjanThere's a deal for the long-closed Voyages de St. Jan restaurant building in Coral Bay.  

Lynn Giovanna at Islandia Real Estate said the property, also marketed as a 4 bedroom, 3 bath residence with water view, has been on the MLS since September, 2004.

It was originally listed at a price of about $3 million.

The story goes that the property was built by a couple of folks who made their fortunes during the Internet bubble, and cashed out with the idea of opening a very upscale restaurant in under-developed-Coral Bay.  

In its last year of operation Voyages made changes in hopes of boosting its popularity. Instead of fine dining, it was billed as a seaside bistro and wine bar, offering what some might call "classy bar food", cocktails, and wine.

12 thoughts on “Restaurant sells – after 7 years on the market”

  1. Don’t you think it is misleading and irresponsible to say that something has sold when it has not, but instead is just under contract. Given your real estate interest and associated knowledge your deception must be intentional. I agree that the offer being accepted is newsworthy, but think you should attempt to accurately report the news of st john.

  2. People were in the food service business, major supplier salespeople. Internet bubble not a factor from my understanding.

  3. I wondered why you didn’t report the sales price and then found it hasn’t sold but is under contract. There is a difference.

  4. There’s a big difference between “sold” and “contracted” – a lot can happen between contracting and closing and this is how rumors are spread throughout the island. The building has been under contract for 5 days and you are calling it sold? Six months from now someone will say “Oh, I heard it sold” even if the contract falls apart tomorrow. Please make an effort to report TRUE news with FACTS and not misleading news. Thanks.

  5. Good Lord – lighten up people. Maybe it was just an honest mistake. If you dislike the reporting that much – opt out of the newsletter. I personally love the newsletter. Anyone that knows anything about real estate knows anything can change no matter what’s signed. Take a chill pill & relax!!!

  6. It is a big mistake, the headline should be changed to “Voyages under contract”, because it isn’t sold yet. Also of note is that it was sold to current owners Dec 2005, who then returned it to the MLS in various configurations, including at one point, chopped up into condos both residential and commercial/retail spaces. They got sold a bill of goods when they bought it at the price they did,with visions of a Coral Bay marina swimming in their little heads

  7. Linda – no one “dislikes reporting” but I do dislike misleading reporting. Rumors are out of control on this island!

  8. I thought one of the reasons you all live on island was to get away from the daily grind of the rat race. Yet you gossip and complain like a bunch of transplanted Floridian Newyorkers. You should all go to the beach, take a soak, and reflect on why you really moved to the island to begin with. Relax.

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