Restaurant Report-Coming Next Week!

Restaurant Report-Coming Next Week!

We have received several requests over the past month about the annual restaurant off-season closure report. That report looks a little different this year as we will be including take out options, limited hours and scheduled closures.

We had planned to get the report out this week. But, In light of the changes made last week reverting the territory to the “Stay at Home” phase, we are making some adjustments to that post and giving the restaurants a bit more time to figure out their game plans.

We are gathering the information and putting this post together over the next week in hopes of getting the most updated information to you ASAP!

Thank you for your patience while we work with local business owners to get you accurate information in regards to dining and take out options for the off season.

If you are reading this and own or manage a restaurant on STJ, please post your plans in the comments or contact us directly!

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