Resorts, Realtor using Twitter, FaceBook

Social media marketing is making inroads on the island, slowly. Many businesses on the island, from villas to snorkel cruises, have FaceBook pages and Web sites.  The Inquiring Iguana is most interested in what’s new, so static sites don’t catch his attention.  He wants to know ‘the haps”!


View from Grande Bay to St. Thomas

One of the latest efforts comes from Grande Bay Resort, the condo/fractional ownership development at Cruz Bay (and an advertiser).  Grande Bay is sending tweets several times a week, sometimes including photos of the islands, alerts about island entertainment events, and other times just sending best wishes to recently guests.
Islandia Real Estate has had a blog for several years.  Sometimes there’s news, most often they’re pitching properties. 

Caneel Bay’s Facebook page is updated a few times a week. The most recent post includes a photo of an annual staff party marking the closing of the resort until November 1st. 

Do you know of other newsy blogs/Twitter/FB marketing efforts on the island? 

6 thoughts on “Resorts, Realtor using Twitter, FaceBook”

  1. It seems that the real estate and resort industries are now embracing social media platforms to market their brand. I think it is a good idea that they are now taking full advantage of these channels, particularly Twitter. One advantage of incorporating social media channels is they can reach a variety of audience to promote their business. Also, it can be a way to update their target audience on what’s new on their businesses.

  2. You’re right, Staci. Aside from that, social media marketing is cost-related. Given that most websites are free to access, those interested will voluntarily join or follow you. Getting to your target market for little or no cash investment is, indeed, very advantageous and profitable for your company.

  3. I think these industries are on the right track in terms of brand and service promotion. And I definitely agree with everyone here that integrating social media channels into marketing campaigns gives any industry or business an edge. In addition to the advantages mentioned above, the greatest benefit of this inclusion is the social engagement with the target audience.

  4. One of the major advantages of using social media platforms as a marketing tool is its cost-effectiveness. For one, Twitter is a free website, meaning to say, everyone can open an account. And the only expense, so to speak, associated with it is the computer and the internet connection.

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