Drivearound to get to the beach

Remember what I said about Public Works and the Roundabout?  Working seven days a week? 

Well, now that something "like" a winter season has hit the island (peeps, gi-normous SUVs on roads made for donkeys, bodies spilling into the street at Woody's), the construction project has really got the place jammin', and I don't mean dancing. 

Traffic Deputy Inquiring Iguana Inez got caught up in it Monday mid-afternoon, when school let out.  FirehouseShe had her camera with her, too.

From a traffic jam on the road past the fire station, to bumper-to-bumper in front of Dolphin Market, it's getting congested.  Click here
if you've never seen video of stop-and-go-traffic.

Inez said, "I highly suggest anyone staying in the Great Cruz-through-Reef Bay area to access the beaches via Gifft Hill and Centerline roads."  Don't go thru town.

And, this just as summer is coming, i.e. heat.  A longtime islander told me today, "You know there's a time when it turns from winter to summer for us here, and it's now.  The days are getting warmer."

And the traffic's getting worse.

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