Red Hook project could cost St. John

The Port Authority’s decision to limit cargo operations to St. John from St. Thomas could mean problems for merchants on the small island.  While construction gets underway to build new docks and a covered waiting area for the Red Hook ferry, the Authority has decided no container longer than 20 feet can be transported across the sound.  Larger, and more economical 40-foot containers will have to come from Crown Bay or perhaps a yet-to-be-determined alternate port.  "It will cost a lot more money to ship that way," Alan Johnson, a business man told the St. John Source. "It will put St. John merchants at a disadvantage" because their transportation costs will be higher.

Meanwhile, the Enighed Pond commercial port project is still in limbo.  Dale Gregory, the Authority’s director of engineering, said the port should now be finished by June.  Meanwhile, efforts continue to figure out how, and where, to dispose of the material dredged from the Pond that is now piled up along the sides.  He said the Authority has asked the Army Corp of Engineers for permission to "temporarily" dump the material back into the Pond, the Source reported.

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