Real estate update 2/18/07

Neither Grande Bay nor Sirenusa is done but lots of the condominium projects’ units are
available, and some for the second time..  A February real estate listing issued by John
McCann & Assoc.
offers seven at Grande Bay and eight at Sirenusa.

The Grande Bay units begin at $629,000 for a 1-bedroom, 1-bath and go
up to $1.025 million for 2-bedrooms/2-baths.  Sirenusa’s least
expensive incomplete condo, 2-bedrooms/2.5 baths, is priced at $1.395
million.  At the upper end is a 4-bedroom/4.5 bath unit for $2.55

4 thoughts on “Real estate update 2/18/07”

  1. Doesn’t St John have enough timeshares with the Westin, without adding Sirenusa to it. I wonder what the past buyers of Sirenusa are thinking now? Good or bad

  2. Grande Bay also will be offering timeshares in the new building. The developer lied to the rezoning authorities in getting the last parcel rezoned. He submitted plans for a 3 bedroom apartment, but will actually attempt to sell approx 14 timeshare units. He is trying to pull a fast one, and it appears he will get away with it unless the authorities get wind of his scheme in time.

  3. We have been told that Sirenusa will never be timeshare or fractured ownership. Why do you believe it is going to by timeshare? Gail

  4. As I wrote, real estate broker John McCann talked with the St.. John Tradewinds.
    “Owners will have the option of either renting their unit out full- or part-time, or occupying year-round and will not be required to be in a rental program, McCann said.” (Source: Tradewinds)

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