Real estate tidbit

One of the island’s most prominent brokers tells me … there are 91 houses listed for sale … and there are 91 real estate sales people on St. John.

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  1. No prolem mon … at $2 million per house with commission of 7% equals $140,000 .. Throw in a land deal at $500k with commission of 10% equals $50,000 for a total of $190,000 income on 2 transactions. Not bad. Last time I was in T&C’s off in July the wall was covered with a big map of the island with lots of little “sold” and “under contract” stickers on it. I suspect the realtors are doing all right at these prices and with this demand. I know that all their newsletter brag about how fast and furious the market is moving and setting new records for the number of transactions.

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